An effort towards understanding the need for Event Log Manager

Event management is an integral part of any organization. Managing the active directory, keeping event logs, software asset management and making reports all come as a unified task for any admin executive. Events are to be recorded diligently for future access, data structures, user status and compliance needs. Now when there are so many systems, databases or domain, it’s next to impossible to keep a check manually. Any customer centric and optimized organization would look for a better and efficient solution towards this. Why not simply opt for a result oriented tool like event log manager.

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Which AD Manager suits you the best?

The most common management tool used to manage Active Directory is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Using the MMC interface, administrators create custom console tools to manage the domains, AD objects, OUs, group policies, etc. There are various other management tasks involved apart from these basic functions. There you would need a better, self guided tool like AD manager to assist in day to day activities. Active directory (AD) can be even managed through command lines but the better option is taking aid of administrative tools designed specifically for this purpose.

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Reduce help desk cost with Self Service Active Directory Feature

As majority of organizations rely on active directory to store user information such as employee ID, contact details, addresses, etc., the challenge of keeping it up-to-date has increased. Since, an active directory service caters to an entire network the number of users whose information is stored in the AD is generally large.


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Active Directory self service tool better than FIM 2010 update 1?

It is common for users to forget their account login passwords or misplace them or enter a wrong one on several attempts. As a result, the help desk phone keeps on ringing with requests from users to either rest their passwords or unlock their accounts. For an IT administrator this can be annoying at certain times, not ignoring the fact that the task of resetting passwords requires time.

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Boost your IT Infrastructure with Software Asset Management

Software applications deployed within an organization is considered a part of the entire IT infrastructure. Software assets are crucial to organizations as major investments are made to purchase software licenses and upgrade the existing ones. Therefore, software asset management becomes an important aspect of IT infrastructure and affects an organization’s monetary resources.

The key areas that come under software asset management are as follows:

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