Reduce help desk cost with Self Service Active Directory Feature

As majority of organizations rely on active directory to store user information such as employee ID, contact details, addresses, etc., the challenge of keeping it up-to-date has increased. Since, an active directory service caters to an entire network the number of users whose information is stored in the AD is generally large.


Along with the issue of keeping the user information updated, administrators also face the challenge of numerous user requests for resetting their passwords or unlocking their accounts. Tasks like profile updation, password reset and account unlock affects the productivity of employees and the help desk costs also goes up.

To address this very need, self service active directory tools have been developed which passes the controls from the administrators to the end users. Lepide Active Directory Self Service software is specifically designed to allow users to manage their own accounts and profile information.

Now you might be wondering why is there a need of a separate software when Microsoft has already released an update of the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010.

Well, the password operations provided in the Active Directory Management Agent only allow users to reset their own passwords. This hotfix is not useful for self account-unlock or self profile updation. Moreover, the FIM 2010 update is available only with Windows Server 2008 R2, which implies administrators are first required to make an upgrade before using this service.

The self service Active Directory system of Lepide software however, lets users reset their password, unlock their accounts and also update their profile information. Furthermore, this tool offers a centralized platform without the need of any additional interface from where the services can be carried out.

Apart from the self service active directory functionalities of this tool, it allows users to reset passwords and unlock accounts on the behalf of their co-workers. This impeccable web based solution does not compromise on the security aspects and the password policies of the organization.